"Crazy good! A super star! You have got to have a reading with her! She's incredible!"
 - Kim Zolciak, of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don't Be Tardy star 

"Mind-blowing!" - Don Martin, previous Editor/Publisher, The Aquarius Magazine
"Expect incredible things!" - Noted Channel Becky Arrington

Taught by Cathy H. Burroughs, Internationally Noted Psychic as featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak's 40th
Birthday Party
as filmed by BRAVO for Don't Be Tardy, the recipient of more than 1,000 calls following her appearance on
Q-100's The Bert Show
and elsewhere.

Special Guest Appearances: From Philadelphia Mystic Sally Kingman Harvey, Galactic Healer Debra A. Loshbough, Facebook Sensation 
Eylissa Henry + cool Psychic Asia (aka Kandi Ladi) and more. 



"A magical enchanting adventure!" - Workshop Participant

"I absolutely feel transformed! I never miss this workshop if I can help it!" - National IT Director, Destin, FLA

About the Psychic Development workshop:

In this weekend intensive, we will cover a wide range of topics with many interactive exercises and opportunities to provide practical means of developing one's natural intuitive and psychic gifts. We will learn how to read past, present, future; how to scan energy and the body and access your guides and angels. We may use psychometry (working with objects); guided meditation; automatic writing and clearing the aura and chakras; managing the energies with protection and grounding; working with reading and moving energy; your spirit guides; shamanic journeys; past lives; opening the third eye; pendulum/muscle testing (tools of validation) towards developing clairvoyance, audience and sentience; channeling; mediumship; visualization; manifestation; working with the lunar cycles and more. In some cases we may explore reading a variety of additional unique modalities such as lip reading, handwriting analysis, tea leaves, scrying, and more. 

We'll also explore ways of working with the tarot and astrology to develop psychic ability and understand how each member of the class accesses their intuitive gifts. I will be opening up and sharing my psychic tool box taught to me by my guides, angels and honed through more than 20 years as a professional psychic. We will practice readings as well as remote viewing; learn to read past, present and future and how to access intuitive clues from your surroundings. 

We will explore a wide range of different means of receiving information and validating the accuracy of that information. There will be practice readings with each other, one on one and in the group, as well. 

You may see your intuitive powers and your life take an exponential leap! This workshop is a spiritual retreat that allows you and propels you to become more in tuned with your authentic self, your true purpose, your path and your guides as well as honing your ability to see intuitive clues and signs that promote your destiny!

**Cathy taught a variation on this workshop to great response at the American Society of Dowsers Annual Conference in Vermont and a lecture that was a huge hit of the conference.**

Please note: the workshop content may vary contingent on number of class participants, etc..